OnTheGo™ Sage SalesLogix Mobile App – Top 4 FAQ Answered

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There continues to be excitement around the August launch of OnTheGo, the Sage SalesLogix CRM mobile app for iPhone and Android (Blackberry shortly!)

We continue to see interest from both SalesLogix users and Sage Software Business Partners.

Here we summarize answers to the top 4 questions the OnTheGo team has fielded: Why OnTheGo?  How Does It Work? Can I Extend OnTheGo? How is OnTheGo Different from Sage SalesLogix Mobile?


I. Why OnTheGo?

In recent years  there has been a considerable shift between mobile devices that people use for personal and business purposes.  With storage being at a premium and customer databases having potentially significant amounts of data we decided to pursue a technology that would leverage a true application on a given device and source the data needed on demand.  We also wanted to start with the basic data points that most users universally ask for and then build out new capabilities that our users are asking about.

II. How Does It Work?

Any organization that is already using Sage SalesLogix must be on version 7.5, Service Pack 2 or later and have the Sage SData portal deployed and available externally in order to use the OnTheGo platform on an Android or iPhone device.   Users of the Sage SalesLogix Cloud Edition can also use OnTheGo as the SData portal is deployed by default when new customer signs up with Sage.  Users then simply download OnTheGo and put in their credentials and have access to the Accounts, Contacts, History and Activities for the data they already have access to based on the security model already deployed on their LAN or Web implementation.

III. Can I Extend OnTheGo?

The best part about deploying OnTheGo for Sage SalesLogix is the ability for our team to extend the platform for a single company or for specific vertical solutions developed by Sage business partners.  The OnTheGo platform can be extended to handle custom entities and custom fields for existing or new entities that have been created to personalize your Sage SalesLogix system.  OnTheGo extensions are sold through your business partner of record for Sage SalesLogix.

IV. How is OnTheGo Different from Sage SalesLogix Mobile?

Sage SalesLogix Mobile was developed several years ago and continues to evolve.  The approach from Sage has always been to “cache” information on a device they support and synchronize information between the mobile device and the CRM database.  We decided to rely on transacting with the data and serving up relevant information in a way that  it can be leveraged on the local device using a native application to the device for the best user experience.

And of course, the very low cost & simple installation of OnTheGo. With our tiered pricing plan you pay for what you need and leverage your investment in Sage SalesLogix to its fullest. There are no server, software or IT consulting needed to use this app immediately. Simply download at the app store, put in the SalesLogix URL, and start using.

OnTheGo is a mobile application that brings Sage SalesLogix  to your Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile phone.

Simply download & start using with no need for IT or costly implementations. For more information visit www.myonthego.com or download at your respective app store.