Order Entry Workflow Enhanced With SageCRM Version 7.0

By: | Category: CRM, ERP

Sage CRM Version 7.0 was released earlier this year and is included with your Sage ERP Accpac Version 6.0 upgrade. It contains usability and productivity enhancements to the SageCRM system. And a significant workflow enhancement smooths the conversion process of SageCRM quotes into Sage ERP Accpac orders. Letís learn more.

Improved Quote To Order Workflow
With SageCRM Version 7, you will have the ability to create sales orders from within SageCRM without opening the full Sage ERP Accpac Version 6 Order Entry screens. The new workflow was designed based on feedback from SageCRM users to simplify and enhance the quote-to-order workflow and processing. Now you can create a quote or order without creating an opportunity first. Multiple quotes or orders may be linked to a single opportunity and you can promote multiple quotes to an order within the same opportunity.

The improved workflow also reduces the total cost of ownership for your company, because a Sage ERP Accpac user license is no longer required for the Quote-to-Order workflow. At the same time, your total value of ownership is increased through improved usability, better workflow, and enhanced performance.

Interactive Dashboard
The SageCRM interactive dashboard provides an intuitive workspace where you can coordinate and manage your daily tasks and activities without having to switch between screens. The dashboard provides an iGoogle-type experience with drag-and-drop gadgets. The Dashboard pulls real-time data from within SageCRM, external websites, and integrated Sage ERP Accpac, so that users have all the information they need at their fingertips to increase productivity and efficiency.

Support for SData
SData (Sage Data) is a standard that allows sharing of data with third party applications in a read-only format. As an example, an SData feed can be used to feed price information within the interactive dashboard. The SData protocol helps Sage to develop seamless integrations and provide you with a truly integrated customer experience.

New User Interface Design
An enhanced look and feel in SageCRM 7.0 gives users greater personalization options. The original, blue theme is still available, and there are two new color themes; the Sage theme with green textured tabs, and the Neutral theme with silver textured tabs. And now it is easier to create custom themes.

Active Directory Provisioning
To speed deployment time, a new Active Directory import feature enables IT administrators to import users from a WindowsÆ network into SageCRM.

As you can see, a significant part of SageCRM 7.0 is devoted to lowering the cost of ownership and improving the workflow for Sage ERP Accpac customers. Now may be the time to take advantage of the SageCRM system included with your Sage ERP Accpac software. Call us with your questions.