Organizational Management With Sage HRMS OrgPlus

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Organizational charts help us visualize the structure of a company. These tools can effectively delineate the organization work units, responsibilities, and reporting relationships. Here we review Sage HRMS OrgPlus, the organizational charting tool for Sage HRMS.

Benefits Of Organization Charts

Organizational charts are a compelling vehicle for communicating organizational information to all employees. They are ideal for sharing your strategic vision as well as defining responsibilities, dependencies, and relationships. Organizational charts are helpful to managers in planning, budgeting, and workforce modeling as well.

Organizational charts can be linked to spreadsheets or budgeting tools for interactive what-if analysis, and make planning and decision making easier. They can be used to provide scenarios to executives, finance, and HR for evaluation and approval. Organizational charts provide the greatest value when used as a framework for managing change and communicating the new organizational structure.

Sage HRMS OrgPlus

With Sage HRMS OrgPlus, chart creation is fast because you can build charts automatically from the employee data in your Sage HRMS. From there, flexible formatting options enable you to create multiple rows under one manager with multi-column chart styles. You can start with one of 36 predefined templates, and customize the look with fill effects such as gradients and textures. It is easy to import pictures, names, and titles into each box, which will shrink or expand to fit your text and logos perfectly regardless of how large or small the scale of your chart. For complex organizations, you can easily break large charts into hyperlinked subcharts to make the information more manageable.

Publishing And Distribution

You have lots of options when publishing your charts as well. Publish them directly to Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft Word®, Adobe Acrobat® PDF, or HTML. Post them directly to the Web or your company intranet. Organizational charts also can be distributed by email. You can define various email distribution lists and keep everyone up to date on the latest organization structure additions, changes, and open positions. When charts change, you can refresh, distribute, and publish your chart data on a predefined schedule.

Business Planning Tool

Sage HRMS OrgPlus also can function as a business planning tool. You can create what-if business scenarios and measure their impact with drag-and-drop functionality. Test scenarios with built-in formulas to measure head count and salaries. You can perform spreadsheet functions on data in chart boxes, such as roll-up totals, averages, and standard deviations. Links can be inserted to other files referencing budgets, employee resumes, or mission statements. As you move through your planning process, you can annotate your charts with comments and notes to inform readers of the thought process behind the chart. You also can send your charts to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel® for presentation and analysis.

Sage HRMS OrgPlus is available for Sage HRMS and Sage Abra Suite HRMS—U.S. Edition. Please call us with your questions.