Net@Work Launches New Women@Work Initiative

New York, NY — November 8, 2018 — Net@Work, a full-service technology and business consultancy, today announced the launch of its new women’s initiative — Women@Work.

Women@Work will serve as a forum to bring together a community of Net@Work men and women to promote Net@Work’s growth through the attraction, retention and advancement of its current and future women leaders.

This program strives to enhance the company’s culture of possibilities for development and advancement of women leaders, celebrate their contributions and to attract similar talented women to Net@Work and its sister companies.

“Empowering women in our workforce and addressing their needs is essential to our continued success,” explained Edward Solomon, co-President and co-owner of Net@Work. “We have a strong culture of diversity and empowerment at Net@Work and this new initiative propels us to the next level.”

Women@Work will offer participants a mentorship program, a training series, and networking events. It will also host an Annual Women’s Lunch to celebrate women across the Net@Work client and partner ecosystem. The objective of the program is to offer a unique opportunity for employees to develop leadership skills, share experiences and support each other’s pursuit of excellence.

“I am thrilled to be leading a strategic initiative that aims to help our employees realize their potential and accelerate their growth,” said Gayle Heskiel, Vice President of Professional Services. “We have so many incredibly talented women here at Net@Work and this program provides an effective way for us to support and recognize them.”

The Women@Work Initiative is one of the many ways Net@Work maintains a diverse and inclusive company culture that provides all employees with an equal opportunity to expedite their growth. It also attracts candidates who are interested in joining a company committed to advocacy, mentorship and endless possibilities. For more information about the Women@Work Initiative, please visit