Price Utility for Sage X3
Easily Automate Updates to Costing and Pricing

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The Price Utility for Sage X3 automates the process of updating price(s) and/or cost(s). The Price Utility allows you and your team to quickly and easily make profit-preserving decisions and make mass updates to the pricing and costing table in Sage X3.

Key Features

  • Access current and past pricing by a variety of criteria including stat groups, like descriptions, BPs, site, etc.
  • Increase or decrease pricing by amount or percentage
    • Select the site and cost method to use for the margin calculation
  • Save your work in progress for review/approval before you publish new pricing (all changes are retained for audits)
  • Supports multiple units of measures – either specify a new price for one unit and the utility will apply to all other units OR manage each unit individually
  • Supports conversion of liquids to dry (and vice versa) using density/specific gravity stored in Sage X3
  • Set an effective date for pricing to manage changes in advance
  • View and compare margin for new and old values in a grid display
    • Manually override pricing as required – updates to resulting margin show in real-time for decision making
    • Generate a detailed report or export from the grid to Excel for further analysis and/or distribution
  • Produce price increase letters and send directly to customer contacts
    • Choose to exclude products not recently sold so customers only get notified of changes to active products
  • Works for both sale and purchase price lists
  • Supports any currency configured for price lists
  • Old pricing is never deleted – records are expired when the new pricing is published

Price Utility for Sage X3


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