Productivity Enhancements For MAS 500

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Successful business owners and operators are always looking to increase productivity and improve efficiency in their organizations. Fortunately, there are ease of use applications that allow users to rapidly capture additional data throughout their entire MAS 500 system just the way they want it.

We will review a set of Macabe applications that enhance MAS 500 by making it virtually paperless!

Paperless Office Suite:

  • Paperless Journals and Registers
  • Electronic Invoice Delivery
  • Electronic Statement Delivery
  • Electronic Delivery of Accounts Payable ACH remittance notices

Paperless Journals and Registers for MAS 500
When today’s enterprise looks to MAS 500 to handle their day to day business processes, they expect current technology, efficient capability and ease of access to key accounting documents.  This EASY Solution for MAS 500 does just that.  With little user interaction, if any, all Journals and Registers along with all reports in MAS 500 can be printed to Adobe PDF format. Once printed, documents are easily organized using the Paperless Office Report Viewer facilitating retrieval of these documents from within the MAS 500 application. This highly configurable application allows the user to specify a variety of printing rules.

This process combines current technology and efficiency with ease of access.  The user simply opens a Business Insights Explorer View and has full access to all their Journals and Registers also all reports.  Taking advantage of the full adobe capability a user can view a document, search a document for a particular data element, email a document and save a copy as they like.

No more searching through file drawers.  No more expensive real estate needs to be devoted to the reams of paper produced by MAS 500.  This enhancement alleviates the challenges associated with traditional register storage and retrieval.

Electronic Invoice and Statement Delivery
Communicating with clients the information necessary to keep your cash flows flowing is essential in any business climate. Successful cash flow managers want to insure rapid delivery of invoices and ease of communication between the accounts receivable teams and clients.

The highly customizable features of Macabe’s Electronic Delivery application allow users to automate the delivery and retrieval of Customer Invoices and Statements. Email, Fax, Print or facilitate all three options to deliver invoices to your customers.

Once an Invoice has been posted a user can simply select the entire invoice batch for delivery and only those customers set up to receive invoices electronically will be emailed.

Customize your email message and include Customer specific information including: Invoice Number, Customer Name, Customer PO Number, Transaction Date, Transaction Amount and more.

  • Password protected PDF
  • Blind copy options
  • Combine multiple invoices  in a single PDF
  • Error handling views
  • Custom email message

Electronic Delivery of ACH Remittance Notices
EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer (also known as ACH) simplifies your vendor payments and reduces risk.  Efficient payables managers know the value of electronic delivery of payments.  EFT improves vendor relations, decreases the risk associated with check fraud and allows payable managers to negotiate better terms with their vendors.

Macabe’s EASY Solution creates and supports a variety of ACH formats so when standard MAS 500 ACH does not quite meet your needs there is a solution.

Vendors can receive an email with a copy of their remittance stub each time a transfer is made.  Even if you use the standard MAS 500 formats for ACH file creation you can produce the remittance notice increasing vendor relations, maximizing productivity and saving on postage expense.  Getting started is EASY – obtain the specifications from your bank and the rest will be taken care of.

User Defined Fields for MAS 500 (UDF)
An ERP System can add value to an organization in numerous ways, that’s why business owners and operators invest in good stable and capable systems.   No two businesses are alike and therefore, like Sage MAS 500, ERP systems must be stable, capable and configurable to meet unique business requirements.  Customizing software to collect the specific and unique data your organization needs to manage its business can be costly, when all you need is a bit more real estate in your MAS 500 system.

This enhancement User Defined Fields for MAS 500 allows the user to rapidly and easily add virtually an unlimited number of data fields to MAS 500 and to over 20 entities in MAS 500.

A user can easily create many user defined fields per entity and control the field length up to 255 characters.  Fields are automatically placed on a user defined tab in the MAS 500 entity form.  For additional control in precise placement and sizing of the new UDF’s, the MAS 500 Customizer is supported.

In addition to size and placement, UDF setup provides control of tab stops, field labels, and “mouse over” tool tips.  For user entry control, a “validated list” field type is available with default values and a required entry option.  Also included is validation using standard MAS 500 lookups as well as a “custom lookup” type for validation with data in an external database.

Once the UDF tables have been created, they are now available as part of the MAS 500 schema and ready for you to add them to your Crystal Reports and Business Insights Explorer views.   MAS 500 User Defined Fields have never been more flexible!