Profit from ERP – Nice Link, Net at Work and Acumatica Cloud ERP (Podcast)

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As the Covid-19 pandemic hit in March, Nice Link, a wholesale distributor of furniture began to see a slew of orders cancelled. Nice Link had projects underway to upgrade the backend software of his US based business. Quickbooks couldn’t handle the inventory, warehouses or manage the volume of digital sales orders Nice Link was anticipating. Yet, despite the uncertainty they pressed on. Acumatica, the Cloud ERP was well underway being implemented and would go live in June.

Simultaneously, as the workplace shifted to a remote workforce, online furniture sales exploded. Today, we see the success that was Nice Link’s forward-thinking strategy and Acumatica’s tactical application – creating connections with retail furniture outlets, smoothing the bumps in eCommerce and handling a workload that would have necessitated an expensive staffing upsurge to manage in a manual business software setting.

It’s a story of enduring Entrepreneurship. It’s a story of cloud ERP functionality. It’s a story of Net at Work’s distribution experience. It’s an American Success Story of Profit From ERP.

In this 2-part Podcast, Jay Carlson, President of Nice Link speaks with Net at Work’s Acumatica Practice lead, and Gene Hammons of Profit From ERP, an independent ERP Selection firm assisting companies on their ERP Selection Process

Nice Link Home Furnishings – an Net at Work Acumatica ERP Distribution Story
Episode 1

Episode 2