Project Spotlight: Brick It Selects Net at Work and Sage X3 ERP as Part of its Framework for Success

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Like many growing manufacturing companies, Brick It had outstripped the capabilities of its older accounting software and needed a solution that provided a combination of broad distribution and deep manufacturing capabilities.

Brick It manufactures and distributes an innovative grid system allowing contractors and even home owners to build their own thin brick walls using user-friendly installation parts and a large variety of brick colors and sizes. The company holds five patents on its proprietary technology, and its products adorn restaurants, shopping malls, retail stores and homes around the globe. As Brick It began laying the foundation for its future growth and expansion, it selected Net at Work and Sage X3 as part of its framework for success.

The company has experienced a meteoric growth between 12 and 20 percent annually for the past several years, and quickly outstripped the capabilities of its older accounting software. “We started with QuickBooks, and later moved to Sage 300,” recalls Robert Dolinski, Managing Member of Brick It. “We recognized we needed robust manufacturing capabilities that were missing from our old system, so we began evaluating new ERP solutions.

Brick It looked at solutions from Oracle, SAP and Sage, and ultimately selected Sage X3. “The Oracle rep considered us too small to bother with and SAP seemed overcomplicated for our needs,” says Dolinski. “We had worked with Sage before, and Sage X3 perfectly suited our business needs while still being easy to use and quick to implement.”

With Sage X3, the company’s transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. Previously, Brick It had zero visibility into its manufacturing costs until long after the products were completed and shipped. Similarly, forecasting, ordering and allocating inventory were manual, imprecise and time-consuming activities. “Now, we’re able to accurately track costs throughout the manufacturing process,” Dolinski says. “We have a true 360-degree view of our operations that allows us to provide better information to our customers and to optimize our production schedule, saving time, money and improving service levels.”

As a result, not only are the company’s employees and its customers happier, Brick It is saving money through more strategic purchasing, faster order processing, and more accurate insight into the profitability of its products. Armed with an innovative, in-demand product line, a capable partner, and a highly-scalable business management solution, Brick It appears ready to continue its path to success

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