Project Spotlight: Supported by Net at Work & NetSuite ProtoChips Focuses On Growth

By: | Category: ERP

Like many startups, Protochips, a specialty manufacturing company, began by running its accounting through QuickBooks and relying on Excel spreadsheets to provide reporting tools for its fast-growing operation.

As the company grew and operations became more complex, the systems proved inadequate and Protochips sought a powerful ERP and business management solution that would support its structured approach to manufacturing and that would serve as a platform for growth and expansion

Protochips selected NetSuite and Net at Work to help the organization scale successfully. Some of the high-level results include: increased visibility into manufacturing and financial operations, improved production planning optimizes inventory levels, and Salesforce CRM Integration with NetSuite.

The full Protochips story can be read below. To learn more on how Net at Work & NetSuite can bring success to your manufacturing or distribution operations, visit: SuiteSuccess for NetSuite Manufacturing.