Proven Practices that Fuel Profits for Chemical Manufacturers

By: | Category: Distribution / Manufacturing, ERP

Over time, many chemical manufacturers and distributors have pieced together legacy systems and customizations that have led to silos of data and cumbersome processes. Burdened by aging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, company leaders are forced to make decisions based on incomplete, outdated information. Manual data entry and workarounds cut productivity and further separate valuable data that could expose potential problems and uncover new opportunities.

To thrive today, chemical manufacturers must take the next step and investigate newer technology— making sure they are taking information gathered from across the entire organization and putting it to work towards an increased bottom-line.

An eBook put out by our partner Provenio, explores how forward-looking companies are taking a different approach, modernizing systems to build for the future. Access the full eBook here and see how chemical manufacturers are taking advantage of easy-to-use, affordable ERP systems to drive innovation and profits with:

  1. Automation and controls that ensure compliance
  2. Agile formula management
  3. Consistent processes that tighten quality control
  4. Reliable practices that improve safety
  5. Greater control throughout the manufacturing process
  6. Focus on customer service

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