Scan & Capture: Purchase-to-Pay Automation Solution for NetSuite

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We’ll take a closer look at Fast Four’s Scan & Capture – a native purchase-to-pay automation solution for NetSuite that allows you to automate the creation of Vendor Bills & Credits using OCR (optical character recognition) with no need to leave your NetSuite screen. Manual entry is reduced, and errors eliminated.

What is Scan and Capture?

The Native NetSuite OCR Tool for Purchase-to-Pay Automation

Reduce manual processing for Accounts Payable (AP) by 83%, eliminate risk and enhance your existing NetSuite customisations, workflows, dashboards and reports without worrying about integrations or external software.

  • Save costs and improve accuracy by eliminating manual data entry
  • Native Deployment Ensures NetSuite Remains Your Single Data Source
  • Bills & Credits Created, Stored and Visible within Corresponding NetSuite Records
  • OCR, Auto-Learning & e-Invoice Capture
  • PO Matching, Line Level Recognition & Supplier Auto Processing
  • Capture Additional Fields and Extend Existing Workflows & Customisations
  • Split Screen View and Transaction Dashboard
  • Affordable, Easy to Install & Easy-to-Use (remote installation within 1 hour)

How does it work?

It’s easy – you’ll be given an email address where you can send all your PDF invoices to. The PDF invoices are processed by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for scanning of the data on the invoice. The scanned data is then mapped directly into a NetSuite Vendor Bill.

The best bit? As the app operates natively, it respects all of your existing custom fields, workflows and approval processes, or, along with your new functionality, we can help you introduce new processes. But, importantly, it’s all kept in NetSuite, no new databases or interfaces to learn.

To see what the app looks like, watch a short demo video below:

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