Quick Guide to Shortcut Keys, Icons, and Buttons found in Sage ACCPAC

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For heads-down data entry, effective use of the shortcut keys, icons and buttons found in Sage ERP Accpac can provide a big productivity boost. The shortcuts, icons, and buttons that are available on a particular form will be different depending upon the type and purpose of the form. For example, the G/L Batch List and the Finder let you view columns of data, while the G/L Journal Entry and Currency Rates forms let you enter and edit data. Here we list the shortcuts available in various parts of the system.

Navigating With Shortcut Keys

Here are the shortcut keys and what the shortcuts tell the software to do:

  • Page Up: Go to the first (top) record visible in a list.
  • Page Down: Go to the last (bottom) record visible in a list.
  • Ctrl/Page Up: Go to the first record in a Finder list.
  • Ctrl/Page Down: Go to the last record in a Finder list.
  • Ctrl/Tab: Move out of a grid or list to the first button or field following the grid or list.
  • Ctrl/Shift/Tab: Move out of a grid or list to the button or field directly above the grid or list.
  • Home: Go to the first entry in a list.
  • End: Go to the last entry in a list.
  • Tab or Enter: Go to the next column.
  • Shift+Tab or Shift+Enter: Go to the previous column.
  • Alt+C : Close a form or dialog box.
  • Alt+E: Open the Set Criteria dialog box to specify records that will be displayed in the Finder.
  • Esc: Cancel or close a pop-up window (for example, the calendar).
  • Up Arrow/Down Arrow: Go up or down one line in a grid.

Using Function Keys

The function keys are a fast way to obtain additional information while in a form.

  • Press the F1 key to display online Help, or hold down Alt+H to display the Help menu.
  • To display the calendar for a date field, press the F4 key, or hold down Alt + Down Arrow.
  • The F5 key is an alternative method to the lookup icon to display the Finder.
  • Pressing the F7 key displays the information for a record.
  • Pressing the F9 key opens a detail form that displays more information for the record.
  • Pressing Shift+F9 keys opens the Zoom Detail for even more information.
  • Press ALT+P to print a report.

Entering Or Deleting Data

  • Use the New icon (resembling a piece of paper with the top right corner folded down) to start a new record.
  • Use the Insert key to insert a blank row in a grid to add a new line.
  • Use Ctrl+Insert to begin a new entry when you are pointing to a field that has a New button beside it.
  • When in a list or grid, the F2 key will turn on the edit mode for the row you are working on. Press F2 again to toggle out of edit mode.
  • Use either the Delete key or Alt+D to delete the selected row or record.
  • Use Alt+A to save a new record.
  • Use Alt+S to save changes to the displayed record.

Rearranging, Resizing, and Hiding Columns

You can rearrange, resize, and even hide columns in a form to better match your business processes. Here we explain how.

To Rearrange Columns:

  1. Point the cursor at a column heading and hold down the left-mouse button.
  2. Drag the column to the new position.
  3. Release the left mouse button. The column will be in the new order the next time you open the form.
  4. To reset back to the original order, right-click the icon of the form, choose Restore Defaults from the menu that appears, and then choose the option, All Other Settings.


Changing The Size Of Columns

  1. Position the mouse pointer on the vertical line separating a column heading from the next heading to the right.
  2. Hold down the left-mouse button and drag the column to the right to make the column wider or to the left to make it narrower.
  3. When you reach the desired width, release the mouse button.
  4. To resize a column to its minimum size, double-click on the vertical line dividing columns. The column to the left will be resized to fit the data in the column.

Hiding Columns

  1. With the mouse pointed at the column heading, how down the right mouse button, then choose Hide (column name) from the menu that appears.
  2. To display the column again, right-click anywhere in the column headings area, then choose Restore (column name) from the menu that appears.

Give us a call if you would like to schedule training in the use of shortcut keys, or rearranging columns on forms.