Next Generation Finance for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations’ finance teams often struggle with extensive compliance requirements, complex cost accounting and allocation requirements, as well as a dearth of resources to meet all of these challenges.

Next Gen Accounting/ERP for Nonprofits provides the opportunity for organizations to not only meet existing demands more efficiently, but also create value within their organization by delivering timely, actionable information to stakeholders who need it to make good decisions.

In this on-demand session our not-for-profit technology specialist will cover these topics while exploring the five key capabilities of Sage Intacct, the best Next Gen ERP for nonprofits:

  • Automated data flows, real time next generation reporting and tools
  • How the technology can adapt to your organization’s unique attributes
  • Why Sage Intacct for Nonprofits is set apart, and the leading next gen option
    on the market
  • How Sage Intacct for Nonprofits has had revolutionary improvement for organizations still struggling with legacy, client/server ERP accounting solutions