How Best to Create Your Budget Comparisons within Abila MIP

The Budget module in MIP brings incredible functionality relating to comparing budget to both on an organization-wide basis, and on either a grant, a program, or a departmental basis – depending on the type of organization you work for.

Getting budgets into the system is the easy part. However, the planning for how you will do that, and what segments you need to enter budgets for is the bigger question, and the one that will give you the most return for your planning time invested.

In this recorded webinar we’ll cover these areas in our Budget module:

  • Is it most efficient to simply input the budget, or to use the Worksheet to build the budget?
  • What are Budget Versions, and how best might I use them?
  • What segments do I need to enter, whether I’m doing data entry, or using the budget worksheet?
  • Do we have the same business rules for budget entry that we do for transaction entry?
  • How do I configure my Budget Comparison Report to present the information in the most readable manner?