Real-Time Data of Expenses, Obligations/Encumbrances and Budgets at the Training Participant Level

abila + gazelleDo you want to empower your non-accounting staff to report on the budget and expenses for your Individual Training Accounts? Learn about new tools that work with Abila MIP to do just that!

Gazelle provides critical tracking and reporting on Training and Supportive Services expenses and obligations with seamless integration to MIP Fund Accounting for participants within workforce boards, social services, and other case manager organizations.

Watch this recorded webinar to see how Gazelle, an easy-to-use web application, simplifies and manages the entire lifecycle of all Individual Training Accounts and Supportive Services, and can help you:

  • Continuously track the availability, allocation and use of funds at the Participant and Fund Source levels
  • Prevent spending over or under budget
  • Automatically enforce your program & fiscal business rules