Deliver the Information Needed to Create a Highly Responsive, Proactive, Customer-Facing Organization.

Today, how do you keep your staff informed about critical business conditions like overdue invoices, stock shortages, or leases or contracts about to expire?

Would you like your staff to receive real-time business alerts – anytime, anywhere — via any method?

Would it help your business if you had a way to automatically generate and deliver invoices, statements, picking lists, and other documents?

Are you looking for an easy and inexpensive way to create dynamic Dashboards of critical business information – such as products that need to ship today, or invoices that need to be paid?

Watch this recorded on-demand webcast and see firsthand how KnowlegeSync Business Activity Monitoring software — a unique marriage of four technologies: Business Intelligence, Alerting, Form & Document Delivery and Workflow — gives an organization Automation, Awareness, and Agility. You will see first-hand how you can:

  • Reduce delivery cycle time with automated business processes
  • Keep employees and business partners informed for better decision-making
  • Access real-time data to quickly respond to changing business conditions

KnowledgeSync is the endorsed solution that integrates alerts and workflow with all Sage ERP, CRM and HRMS solutions.