Customizing CRM with No Coding Needed

microsoft-dynamics-crmSometimes the thought of deploying a CRM solution sounds too big a task: configuration, design, and processes. The good news is it doesn’t need to be! With Next Generation CRM solutions, you can leverage prebuilt functionality, codeless screen configuration, and easy rule setup to design a functioning system for your team in no time.

Watch this on-demand webinar where we will walk you through the entire process in less than an hour. You’ll see how flexible and easy Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be. We’ll highlight some of the key benefits, including:

  • Opportunity Overview – Observe how the Dynamics sales process comes out of the box: stages and steps that guide a user through a defined sales process.
  • Forms and Fields – Walk through the addition of fields and the customization of forms. Together we’ll add 5 different types of fields to the Opportunity entity.
  • Business Process Flow – Setup and deploy a custom business process flow that fits your business and sales cycle needs.
  • Business Rules – Easily add business rules that apply to your business process flow needs and see how they can support your internal processes.
  • Application Changes – Just like your forms, business process flows, and business rules, you can control and manage any of the Dynamics 365 Applications.