Leveraging Next-generation Technology to Make Your Sales Team More Effective

Join us to discover how cutting-edge automation, intuitive analytics, and streamlined processes can drive your sales to unprecedented heights. Don’t miss out on the secrets to achieving faster closes and higher conversions.

In this on-demand web demo we will cover Creatio’s next-generation, full-scale sales, customer service and marketing CRM all under a single, no-code platform. We will cover:

  • An overview of Creatio’s next-generation capabilities and sales features: Leads, Accounts, Opportunities
  • The potential of Creatio as a platform for your organization
  • Creatio Demo:
    • How a ‘Contact Us’ form automatically creates a Lead
    • How an End user qualifies and works through curated lead stages
    • Promoting a lead to an account, contact, and opportunity
    • Walk through how an Opportunity is worked through its stages to close
    • Generate documents and deliver them for signature leveraging Creatio CRM’s next gen integration capabilities with other platforms (Formstack)
    • How the closure of an Opportunity can lead into other areas and possibilities