Cyber incidents have increased 600% since COVID-19 swept across the world. With the average cost of a data breach being estimated at $3.14 Million, companies must do more than ever to protect themselves from an attack.

While having a robust cyber defense and expert IT team goes a long way to safeguarding your data, what happens when a highly-skilled attempt penetrates all of your well-placed safeguards?

Watch this on-demand discussion with panelists from Department of International Trade, Berne & Herndon PLLC, & Cysurance, as we talk about what’s available & bust some myths about who needs cyber insurance, why you may need it & what type of coverage is best for your organization.

Panel Discussion Topics:

  • What are the types of risks and exposures?
  • How to mitigate reputational risk
  • Are there any laws or regulations which have an effect on your cyber exposure?
  • What is and how do you define an “insider threat”?
  • What are the proper protocols of making a claim?
  • What should an entity look for when choosing the right coverage?