Concerned About Your Cyber Risks?

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Phishing, Malware, Ransomware, Password Breaches, Denial of Service Attacks – while around for some time, are now changing in design and growing in complexity.

In this webcast Net at Work is joined by the experts at Pivot Point Security, a leader in information security risk & compliance, and Murphy & McGonigle P.C., a law firm with an experienced and sophisticated cybersecurity practice, for a discussion on the latest in cyber threats, and top strategies in preventing and responding to a potential attack. Discussion topics include:

Cybersecurity: Threat Landscape & Overview

  • Cybersecurity overview & awareness
  • Most common types of cyberattacks
  • Why any sized organization is a target
  • Real-world examples and horror stories

Preventive Measures: How to protect your organization

  • Technical: Network Security, Penetration Testing, Training, Risk & Gap Assessments
  • Legal: What to know about Exposure, Compliance and Regulation
  • Insurance: Cyber Security Insurance Options and best practices.

Reactive Measures: Actions if you’ve been the victim of an attack

  • Technical steps
  • Legal steps
  • Insurance
  • Other