Turning Your Data Into Profit

Are your siloed processes from accounting, inventory and sales orders costing you money? Let’s start by asking: Do you know how much you have invested in your raw material inventory? Do you know what your demand is for your finished goods? Are you missing out on sales because you don’t have visibility to the demand? Are your data silos holding you back?

Watch this on-demand Sage 300 webinar to see how by simply having a system that removes these silos, you can make informed decisions that will increase sales, improved margins and save your organization time and money. We will discuss:

  • The Power of One Inventory for Raw Materials and Finished Goods
  • Realtime Visibility to All Inventory
  • Integrated Sales Forecasting
  • Manufacturing Orders (MO) Creation Options
  • Production Planning – Inventory Available to Promise
  • Production Reporting – Unleash your Manufacturing Potential