Prevent Supply Chain Issues Before They Arise – An IDC Report.

For discrete manufacturers—from makers of automotive, industrial machinery, and electrical components to those supplying medical and transportation equipment—supply chain challenges are increasing every year and becoming more of a daily concern.

Global pressures like environmental changes, tensions, and the challenges presented by coronavirus have shown manufacturers all over the world that their supply chains require improvement and a lot more visibility.

The main supply chain-related challenges out there today include increasing competition, the need to innovate, and rising customer expectations regarding the detail and quality of the information available to them.

An impressive 68% believe that a lack of supply chain visibility and flexibility will cause significant issues in the future if not addressed appropriately, and 50% say that supply chain visibility is a focus from a supply chain risk management perspective, compared to only 32% in 2018.

Traceability is not just about ensuring you are compliant—it is gradually becoming a way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Download this latest IDC report for strategies to achieve end-to-end traceability in your discrete manufacturing organization.