End-to-End Warehouse Management Integrated with Sage 300

The Granite Warehouse Management System is an end-to-end barcode-based solution that integrates with your Sage 300 system and enables full traceability of all items in your warehouse and optimizes warehouse processes and performance.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how GraniteWMS can enable you to implement almost any variation in your warehouse processes, as well as collecting all the data needed to manage your operators, your inventory, and your physical operations. Key topics covered, include:

  • Labelling in the warehouse and how GraniteWMS implements all of your labelling
  • Accuracy in inventory processes, especially picking, reduces customer error and double handling
  • Formal, yet flexible processes that take your operation to the next level
  • Recording everything leads to reporting and management of track and trace data
  • Linking users to every process allows key performance indicators to be measured and managed