Solving for Your #1 Cyber Risk: Your People.

The best firewalls in the world cannot protect your assets if your “human firewall” is weak. In fact, today’s organizations are struggling to prevent costly, crippling business interruptions and financial loss — 95% of which is due to human error.

In this on-demand virtual session our cyber security experts discuss how CyberSecurity Awareness Education can turn your employees from your greatest threat to your greatest threat detection system. They’ll illustrate how a next generation cybersecurity education and training program will help you create a cyber-safe culture, and peace of mind. We will cover:

  • Security Awareness Training: What it is and why it’s a necessity
  • Why preventing human error is crucial to cyber-defense
  • The benefits of Cybersecurity awareness training (both in time and money)
  • How to run a successful security program & common pitfalls to avoid
  • Tips for gaining buy-in from your executive team
  • An overview of Net at Work’s fully automated, AI-powered, next generation Security Awareness Training program
  • The lack of commitment to training and culture is a major contributor to major financial loss. Don’t fall victim.