Talent Development is an essential business imperative for Talent Management. An effective talent development plan leverages a design that aligns with your organization’s goals and mission and develops your staff.

The pandemic has accelerated changes in how companies need to focus on training employees. Before the pandemic, a key area that continually challenged HR leaders was providing continuous workplace learning. One of the top reasons employees leave their job is because they are not provided opportunities to develop. If they do not see a brighter future with you, they have fewer incentives to stay. And now they have more options to leave with a greater number of remote job prospects.

During this on-demand webinar, we examine how these challenges can impede company growth initiatives and how the right approach provides:

  • Better training engagement and management through an online platform
  • Increased employee feedback and knowledge transfer through access to information, tests, and surveys
  • Consistency to elevate employees’ skills and take your organization to the next level
  • Talent management insights keep you on track to exceed your company’s talent goals