A Look at the ROI of Cloud HCM

Easier to use, faster to deploy, more frequent upgrades — at this point, the benefits of cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) software are well-known to HR managers.

But how does HR turn these perks into savings for a company? To get buy-in for your next HR project, it’s crucial to provide hard evidence of savings.

In this session we will review the benefits of Cloud for HR systems and how to tie it to the bottom-line. Topics include:

  • Cost and Time Saved Through Automation – But how exactly?
  • Technology Savings – On average, on-premise systems required operating system upgrades every five years – and the staff to support them.
  • Cloud HCM Is Easier to Maintain – Cloud HCM cost is also lower on and ongoing basis due to the ability of users to configure the system themselves. Plus, Cloud HCM has shorter implementation time. Faster deployments also have a material impact on company’s bottom line.
  • Moving to Cloud HCM has Tax Benefits – CFOs are looking at more and more often as a way to manage Capex vs. Opex and taking advantage of the tax benefits of using cloud.