Mitigating Business Risk

Last year organizations experienced multiple waves of serious and disruptive cyber events. Some were crippled by the unexpected. Others didn’t miss a beat. Of those that fared well, many worked with managed service providers (MSP) to handle important security and operational tasks.
In this on-demand webinar we’ll discuss the risks of not having an IT managed services partnership in place, and how a well-equipped partner can assist you in becoming safe, secure and compliant.

Topics include:

  • The false sense of security: Why compliance does not mean you are cyber safe
  • How to become a digital safe organization & ways to enforce digitally safe policies
  • Real world examples: what next generation digital safety and compliance looks like
  • Benefits and risk mitigation realized with 24x7x365 Nex Generation Cybersecurity
  • Selecting the right partner: What a mature IT Manages Services Partner looks like

Don’t develop a false sense of security! While most organizations can click the ‘check boxes’ to compliance – most don’t have the time, skills, or capacity to really keep cybersecure. Watch this 45-minute webcast to learn more.