See What 100% Visibility Into your Warehouse & Fulfillment Operations Can Mean to Your Customer Experience, Employee Experience, and Your Bottom Line.

In this on-demand virtual panel discussion our group of industry experts will review the types of challenges that many Wholesale Distribution companies are experiencing with some real-world advice on how to overcome these supply chain challenges with NetSuite and RF Smart:

  • Using pen and paper or Excel to keep track of Inventory
  • Inventory re-order process being someone’s gut feel
  • How to effectively track lead times
  • Keeping track of the inventory we have
  • Too many disruptive Inventory Counts
  • Addressing the labor shortage – which is real
  • Inventory Shrinkage (Theft)
  • Compliance fines from your customers
  • Addressing Customer Loyalty and better customer experiences elsewhere
  • QuickBooks and other legacy systems not providing the functionality you need

These are real world situations that our customers tell us about every day. Watch this session to learn how companies like yours are overcoming these challenges with NetSuite and RF-Smart.