Next Gen Vs. MIP Fund Accounting

During this on-demand session we’ll discuss the attributes of a TRUE cloud next generation ERP for nonprofits & why it should matter to users of MIP Fund Accounting.

MIP FundsThe pace of innovation in accounting software, including software containing purpose-built functionality for nonprofits, has accelerated over the last ten years.

Next Generation ERP/Accounting functionality is now mainstream and widely used by nonprofits who value innovation and understand that modernization of finance is essential for high organization performance and remaining competitive in the current funding environment.

Unfortunately, the publishers of some of the best-known fund accounting software products, including MIP, have failed to keep up and their products appear essentially unchanged.
Over the same period they are slowly rolling out a “modern experience” to move their functionality to a web browser without truly embracing next generation ERP technologies.

If your organization is using MIP Fund Accounting – this is a session not to be missed!