What are some of the most pressing recruiting challenges your company faces?

Cyber Recruiter is your source for applicant tracking and recruiting software. Join this demo and see how it can help Recruiters and Hiring Managers manage and communicate during the recruiting process to help get open positions filled faster and more efficiently.

Join us for this educational webinar to allow your staff to focus on core recruiting activities while eliminating administrative tasks. Streamline the entire recruiting process with a highly configurable, paperless, process oriented system.

During this session you will learn:

  • How Cyber Recruiter automates many of the steps in the recruiting process typically burdened by paper, spreadsheets and email.
  • How Cyber Recruiter deliver greater visibility into your workforce, allowing you to make better, more impactful business decisions.
  • How to gain greater control over your talent acquisition process and be more competitive in a tough talent market.
  • How Cyber Recruiter increases efficiency with integration to other HR solutions like Sage HRMS, Sage Accounting or function as a standalone system.