How Voice Technology Empowers Teams to Deliver Flawless Warehouse Performance

highjumpView this recorded webinar to learn more about the benefits of voice technology, why it works, how it interacts with your systems, and the potential and benefits that voice will have in your operations, including:

  • Voice directed work allows users to concentrate on the task they are performing, freeing them from having to focus on the tool that they are using.
  • Voice removes the handheld devices, the paper, the distractions. From receiving, to put-away, to picking, to shipping, voice technology creates a direct dialogue between your mission critical systems and team members through the simplest means possible: a conversation in plain language they use every day.
  • Voice directed work enables simplifying the function & streamlining physical movements by eliminating the necessity of picking up and putting down a device or instruction sheet.
  • Voice technology results in ROI: 35% increase in productivity, an 85% increase in accuracy, and a 67% decrease in training time.