Automating Document Management

NetSuite Building value in a company can be enhanced by using the proper policies and procedures, but few companies take the time to document whether their current “flows” (i.e. workflows, cashflows, accounting flows, information flows, etc) continue to meet their needs. If not, then it is time for a change that will boost your company’s ROI.

Watch this recorded webinar where we discuss how automating document management can enhance the many financial processes within your company, like working capital management. By adopting Document Management a company can produce measurable returns using a ROI model which shows savings from creating:

  • More efficient workflows by scanning and routing documents for timely approvals or easy retrieval.
  • Exception alerts which could indicate late payments from customers or to vendors. These alerts could reduce lost discounts or increase cash flows and reduce borrowings.
  • Customized reports and forms to meet vendor / company compliance needs and strengthen your relationships and future revenue opportunities.
  • An ability to integrate documents with your ERP systems to properly comply with various accounting standards and reduce cycle times during the accounting close process.

By the end of the webinar you will be able to understand how current workflows maybe creating operational bottlenecks and learn how to construct a business case for change by employing an ROI calculator for your own use.