Have you ever asked yourself if you’re using an inferior payroll solution or provider?

If any of the issues below sound familiar then it’s highly likely you’re using a payroll solution that is costing you & your organization valuable time & money.

Ask yourself…

  • Are there too many workarounds to get payroll completed?
  • Are we still using paper to complete parts of our payroll process?
  • Are we forced to re-key time & attendance data into payroll due lack of integration?
  • Is our system unstable and prone to errors during the payroll process?
  • Are we forced to manually calculate overtime, bonuses and benefit matches because our software can’t?

Now that you’re wondering if there is a better way for payroll, please join us for this informative webcast where the Net at Work Employer Solutions experts will dig into these specific topics, industry trends & available solutions to make payroll processing easier.