Document Management & AP Automation: Allowing for Digital Transformation in the Finance Department

Sage X3Sage X3CloudDocsX3CloudDocs is an intelligent document management platform that integrates seamlessly with Sage X3. X3CloudDocs delivers immediate value to your finance department through digital transformation and automation.

Watch this on-demand webinar to see the benefits of X3CloudDocs – designed specifically for Sage X3 by expert Sage X3 developers – and learn the business case for driving automation and systematization in the back office.

Topics include:

  • Document Management Options in Sage X3
    – Remittances, statements, invoices, purchase orders
    – Sending, archiving, retrieving documents
    – Risks & costs of not automating
  • AP Automation for Sage X3
    – Difference between OCR and AI-driven text layer extraction
    – Costs of manual processing vs automation (whether paper-based or digital)
    – Business case & benefits for implementing AP automation
  • Live Software Demonstration of X3CloudDocs Inbound and Outbound
    – View of electronic document management and Accounts Payable (AP) invoice process automation for Sage X3.