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Real Life Stories: The Impact & ROI of Digital HR

Join Net at Work Employer Solutions customers to hear from them why they saw the need to act quickly and decisively to digitally enable their Human Resource function over the last year. And to hear what the results have been so far for their companies.


Time Tracking: The Benefits of Automating Time and Attendance

In this webinar we will review options related to employee time keeping.

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HR Technology Tools: What You May Be Missing

In this on-demand webinar we will demonstrate how to leverage today’s Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) to provide an integrated, all-in-one, software solution for automating and managing your organization’s core workforce administration across all areas.


The HR Software Buyer’s Guide and Checklist

Choosing a Human Resources Management System If you are planning to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of HR through an added investment in technology, then this comprehensive evaluation tool will assist in your decision process. From assembling the right team…


What the CEO Needs from Human Resources

In many ways the recent economic challenges served to shine a spotlight on workforce management issues. Whether reducing labor costs, cross-training employees or navigating layoffs, many CEOs found that their organizations were not as nimble or flexible as they’d like….


Cloud or On-premise Human Capital Management (HCM) System: Which is Right for Your Company?

In this webinar, we will make side-by-side comparisons between the most popular on-premise and cloud HCMs.


The Importance of HRMS and ERP Integration for Your Company

If you are responsible for HRMS\HCM or ERP systems in your company you should plan to attend this fast-paced informative session.


Are you Searching for a New Human Resource (HR) Management or Payroll System?

This session is geared towards CFOs, Treasurers and VPs of Finance who are seeking alternatives to arduous processes and outdated technology. You will learn about options for measuring and monitoring performance against strategies for companies across all industries.


How Solving Top Recruiting Challenges Will Improve Your Hiring Process

Join us for this educational webinar where we will examine these top recruiting challenges and how Applicant Tracking solution Cyber Recruiter automates and streamlines the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes to alleviate these pain points.


5 Reasons Why You Need to Move to Cloud HRMS

Does your HR system not match your demands in the 21st century?  Some organizations are realizing that their HRMS system may not be the best for them and are moving to cloud HRMS, while others are still using legacy HR…

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