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The Cloud 101: Benefits, Risks, & Budgeting

If your business is like many leading companies today, Cloud computing has become, or will soon become, an important part of your IT strategy. Yet moving important, even critical functions outside your organization’s infrastructure presents benefits, risks and budgeting constraints.


Business Continuity Awareness Kit: 4 Essential Guides

Business Continuity Awareness Kit Check your continuity savvy with this Business Continuity Awareness Kit, offering the latest tips IT managers need to protect their infrastructure and ensure all-the-time access to corporate files, folders, and apps. Complete the form to get…

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How to Backup and Protect Your Data – Without Hardware to Buy or Software to License

Backup and Protect Your Data Think for a moment about what really would happen if your servers failed and you could not access your data tomorrow. 42% of businesses who had a data loss thought their data was protected, but…


Introduction to Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing The Cloud is a metaphor for the internet, based on the symbol used to represent the worldwide network in computer network diagrams. Cloud Computing describes computing resources provided as an external service via the internet on a pay-as-you-go…


The 5 Steps to Disaster Preparedness for SMB

Keeping Your Business Up and Running – No Matter What From sales and profits to management and customer satisfaction, a lot of responsibilities come with running a business. But one of the most crucial is ensuring that your company is…


Citrix XenDesktop 7 Performance Monitoring Best Practices | Desktop Virtualization

Best Practices for Citrix XenDesktop Citrix XenDesktop 7 represents a radical change in the desktop virtualization space, providing a unified solution for delivery of virtual desktops and applications on demand. But the best virtual desktop platform alone is not sufficient…


10 Best Practices to Prepare for Natural or IT Disasters

Disasters happen, it isn’t if but when. Net at Work can help you stay protected. Watch this webinar and you will learn key steps to help keep your business running through any disaster scenario, including: How to manage the human…


Why the Cloud & Managed Services are Becoming a Necessity

Benefits of Cloud & Managed Services Learn first-hand why Cloud and Managed Services is the current trend in IT Support Services. Discover how this efficient, cost effective approach addresses the following business challenges: Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity – Learn why the…

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