Restricted Inventory with Chem at Work for Sage X3

By: | Category: ERP

Companies in the chemical industry are required to carefully monitor shipments of certain materials in and out of their facilities.  For example, only certified customers at approved locations may be able to order certain materials.  Some facilities may be allowed to store while others are allowed to sell the products but not ever take possession.  Further, these items may have maximum quantities that can be stored at any time.

Native Sage X3 allows restriction of whether sites can store product.  Extending this capability, Chem at Work for Sage X3 provides additional functionality to manage these restrictions.

By tying product-specific certifications to ship to locations of your customers, Chem at Work will block all sales of these products to any but the certified customers.  Where required, multiple certifications on a product are managed.  These certifications can be tied to work-flows and dashboards so that regular reviews are prompted as required.

Within the sales modules, products are filtered so that if the customer is not adequately certified, the products will not appear for selection.

For purchasing, on hand levels of certain products in configured statuses are validated against the maximum quantity allowed for the product at the receiving site.  If within a configured tolerance, the purchase order is put on signature hold for EH&S review prior to release.

See how Sage X3 with Chem at Work can help you streamline processes, increase profitability, and gain a competitive edge.

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