Sage 100 ERP Tip: Increasing Font Sizes on Reports

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Would you like larger font sizes on either the screen or printed versions of your reports in Sage 100 ERP? In this post we explain how.

Changing the default report size on-screen

The following steps will make the on screen report viewer default to a larger zoom when the reports are previewed.

  1. Select Library Master > Main menu > User Maintenance.
  2. Select the User you want to define the default preview size for.
  3. Select the Preferences tab.
  4. In the lower right hand corner, select the percentage in the Default Report Preview Zoom drop down list.
  5. Select Accept.

Changing The Font Size, Type, And Style In Printed (Crystal) Reports

Crystal Reports must be installed to perform these tasks. These instructions apply to Crystal Reports version 8.5. The following steps are performed within the Crystal Reports Designer.

Note: Multiple fields can be selected at one time by pressing SHIFT or CTRL while selecting the fields.

  1. Use the ‘Formatting’ toolbar.
    a.Select View / Toolbars…
    b.Select the ‘Formatting’ checkbox and click ‘Ok’.
    c.Select the desired field.
    d.Select the desired font type, size and style on the toolbar.
    e.Select File / Save to save changes.
  2. Use the ‘Format Field’ option.
    a.Select the desired field.
    b.Right-click the field or select the ‘Format’ drop-down menu.
    c.Select ‘Format field…’.
    d.Select the ‘Font’ tab.
    e.Select the desired font type, style, and size from the appropriate drop-down fields. Click ‘Ok’ to return to the ‘Design’ window.
    f.Select File / Save to save changes.

Please call us if you need assistance formatting reports in Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 MAS 200).