Sage 100cloud and All-New Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software

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Sage Business Cloud, “the next transformative wave of business software.”

Sage Business Cloud is classified as the one and only business management solution that companies will need across their whole business journey. Whether yours is a Start-Up business or a full-fledged enterprise, Sage has a full scale of products supported by hundreds of marketplace applications from Sage’s Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) partners. These solutions will all be integrated within one common platform, providing businesses with a comprehensive marketplace of add-on applications to create the complete solution that meets their unique needs. Plus, customers will be able to migrate to the cloud based on their time frame and criteria.

The Best of Both Worlds in the Cloud

Sage has aligned its Sage 100c product as a stepping stone into Sage Business Cloud, enabling customers to have the best of both worlds; more capabilities and a range of native cloud products when they are ready to migrate to the cloud.

With this alignment, Sage has renamed Sage 100c to match the benefits that the cloud has to offer. Hence, the new marketing name for Sage 100c is now Sage 100cloud.
While Sage 100c (Sage 100cloud) is still a desktop solution that you can choose to host on premises or in the cloud, the “c” now stands for cloud to make the connection to the cloud capabilities, features and services that customers will have access to, such as automatic data backup, invoicing, compliance cloud and banking cloud that allows customers to access banking directly.

For emphasis, the name change simply signals that it’s a “connected cloud” product and can access cloud-native add-ons to take your business forward.

Sage 100 vs 100cloud – There’s a difference

Not to be mistaken for the traditional Sage 100 product, Sage 100cloud offers subscription-based pricing, in which you pay a monthly fee to use the product. While Sage 100 offers perpetual license pricing, in which you pay for the product once and can use it for as long as you choose. However, Sage notified that it is raising maintenance fees by 20% for Sage 100 this year while reducing migration fees for companies ready to transition to Sage 100cloud. It’s essential to consider the benefits of both solutions to determine the best fit for your organization.

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