Sage Accpac ERP Tips And Tricks : Printing Checks In A Language Other Than English

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To print checks in a language other than English you have two options: change the default language in set up settings or override the default language when creating a new payment batch.

Change Default Language – Change the default language (English) for check printing if you will print checks in just one other language all the time. You may change the setting in the Account Payable module by selecting: Vendors/Processing/Check Language. Once set, the default will be used by the program when creating a new payment batch, or generating system payment batches.

Override Default Setting – If you need to print checks in more than one language on a regular basis, you can override the check language on the entry screen when you are manually creating a new payment batch.

How To Partially Transfer Items In Inventory Control

A partial transfer occurs when the requested quantity is more than the quantity available in inventory. The following are the steps to do partial transfer of items:

  1. From the I/C Transaction folder, click Transfers.
  2. Click the New icon to create a new document.
  3. For Document Type select Transfer.
  4. To simulate partial transfer, enter a transfer quantity that is less than the requested quantity. For example, enter 10 for Requested Quantity, and enter 7 for Transfer Quantity. This results to an outstanding quantity of 3. In the detail grid, enter values in the following fields:
    • Item Number
    • From Location
    • To Location
    • Requested Qty
    • Transfer Quantity
  5. Click Post to post and generate the document number.
  6. Select No to the question Do you want to delete this transfer after posting? At this point you can no longer open the document and transfer the outstanding quantities. Instead, to complete the transfer, you can create a new document and use the incomplete transfer as reference transfer number.

Perform the following steps to complete the transfer:

  1. Click on the New icon to create a new document.
  2. For Document Type select Transfer.
  3. For Transfer Number enter the transfer number of the incomplete document. Based on our example, the Outstanding Qty should have 3 and Transfer Quantity should also have 3.
  4. Click Post to complete the transfer of the outstanding quantities.

Note: This tip applies to Sage ERP Accpac Version 5.3A and greater.

Changing The Date Format In Sage ERP Accpac

The date format used in Sage ERP Accpac is determined by the default Short Date format used in the operating system. You can change the default format, in Version 5.5 and greater. To change the default date format, from the Start menu navigate to the Control Panel/Regional and Language and select the desired date format.

SageCRM 7.0: Setting Up A Custom Dashboard

In this example we will set up a custom dashboard that gives all of the East Coast sales data on one page.

  1. Select My CRM/Dashboard/New Dashboard.
  2. Give the new dashboard a name. In this we will call it: East Coast Sales.
  3. Enter a description. In our example it would be: Prospects, Customers, and Sales Activities for US East Coast.
  4. For Category, select Sales from the drop-down list, or type in a new category.
  5. Select the check box next to each Library gadget you want to display, such as Prospects, and click OK. You also can select Modify Dashboard/Add New Gadget to create your own gadgets. The gadgets are displayed on your dashboard. You can use the drag-and-drop functionality to move columns within gadgets, and to switch entire gadgets around.