Sage CRM Has Come of Age – No More Browser Wars!

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Sage CRM v7.1 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Finally Allows for Cross Browser Compatibility!

With the v7.1 SP2 service pack release, Sage CRM finally has “cross browser compatibility.”  What does that mean to you?  It means you can now run one of the greatest CRM programs available in the latest editions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari (on Safari OSX) in all Main Menu areas.  Oh, and also in good ‘ol Internet Explorer.  It’s about time!

The “What’s New in Sage CRM v7.1 SP2?” marketing brochure (see below) says this release “…is packed with new features and functionality delivering … an enhanced user experience for customers.”  Did you notice a Service Pack got its own marketing brochure?  This is not just another service pack.  In my humble opinion, Sage CRM has come of age.

It was spring of 2002 when I started working with CRM, learning how to get it installed and marveling over this newfangled program that ran in Internet Explorer.  It was incredible just being able to click on all the ‘links’ and quickly move about without having to step up and down menus. Life was good. Of course, it was written to run in Internet Explorer.  Safari, Firefox and Chrome had yet to be released.  As sure as it rains in Seattle, times change, and so does the popularity of browsers.  Over these intervening years, the 500lb Microsoft gorilla changed slowly and was attacked more and more often.  First Mozilla Firefox, (released November 2004) and then Google Chrome (released Sept 2008) have taken a strong position in the Browser Wars.  More and more users, as well as their IT admins, want to run Sage CRM with a browser other than Internet Explorer.

With this v7.1 SP2 release, you and Sage CRM no longer have to fight in the Browser Wars.  “You want to use Firefox with CRM?”   “Sure!”  “Chrome?”   “Why not!”  Okay, as with any first release, it is not perfect and does not work exactly the same across all browsers, but it is very good.  Check out the details for all the enhancements of Sage CRM v7.1 SP2.

What’s New in Sage CRM v7.1 SP2 Datasheet