Sage Document Management: Why You Should Go Paperless

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Sage Document Management is a Sage Endorsed solution integrated to your Sage ERP that allows you to store, easily access, share and move documents through workflow, from any device! Ask yourself the following three questions to see if document management is a fit for your business.

Are we losing documents?

If you use filing cabinets, you’re likely familiar with the unnecessary process of sorting, scanning, printing and filing, etc. You also know time and money are used to recreate lost documents. More fees accrue if you pay for off-site storage yet cannot find what you need. Say a customer calls, but you can’t find their files: customer satisfaction will suffer. If you’ve gone through the ordeal of being audited, you know a lost document will cost you even more.

Sage Document Management by Altec, stores files in a central repository. The solution provides additional levels of security with version control, security permissions per user and file histories tracking users. Disasters can threaten to damage or lose your business critical data, but with Sage Document Management, you won’t have to worry.

What does it take to get a document approved?

How many people does an Accounts Payable invoice pass through? How long does the approval process take? We know approvals can be tedious when documents are mailed across the country or sit dormant on desks.

Sage Document Management automates that drawn-out business process. Common bottlenecks are removed and processes made better: approvals can take place outside the office, via email or on a mobile device. Rules and workflow delegation can be set so you need not worry when an approver is on vacation. Alerts can even be scheduled to notify employees of approaching deadlines – helping you make early bird discounts!

How much time do we waste on data entry and filing?

Manual data entry and filing are not the most efficient use of your coworkers’ days. If those errands weren’t necessary, they could focus on more productive tasks. Plus, data entry and filing inevitably result in mistakes; and corrections require more time and money.

Sage Document Management minimizes data entry during processing, leverages existing ERP data, reduces human error and automates indexing. How would you spend the extra time?

If you use Sage 100, Sage 300, Sage 500 or Sage X3 and would like more information on Sage Document Management by Altec, watch our on-demand video recording here