Sage 300 – Business Intelligence and Reporting

Boost productivity and profitability with sophisticated workflow features and flexible personalization. Establish a strong business management foundation with powerful core accounting and financial modules that streamline every task with unrivaled functionality. Customizable options, user-friendly design and intuitive interface enhance workflow and increase efficiency and results with Sage 300 ERP.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Modules:

Take control of your budget process and bring strategic insight to your distribution business planning. An enterprise-wide budgeting and planning application for distributors, Sage Budgeting and Planning shortens budgeting and planning cycles to create more effective and accurate budgets and forecasts and render a true performance analysis.

Through seamless integration with all enterprise data and General Ledger, Sage Budgeting and Planning encourages collaboration across all lines of business, ties budgeting to organizational performance and facilitates more informed warehouse and inventory management decisions.

Improve the flow of key information across all channels, such as business drivers and transaction data through templates, automatic dissemination and consolidation of the budget, central control over budget revisions, real-time integration of data sources, and built-in security mechanisms.

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The Sage 300 ERP Insight application maximizes your operational efficiency and business insight, allowing you to respond quickly to ever-changing business conditions.

  • Create customized reports that satisfy every business requirement
  • Improve operational efficiency with reduced consolidating and reporting cycles
  • Simplify data access by automating distribution to key personnel enterprise-wide
  • Automate the reporting process by scheduling data warehouse updates, report generation, and report refreshes
  • Easily consolidate and distribute information to key staff, anytime, anywhere

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Easily access the information you need from your Sage 300 ERP solution for improved operations and strategic planning. With Sage 300 ERP Intelligence and Reporting, you can spend more time focused on information analysis and interpretation, and less time pulling the data together.

  • Improve visibility into your organization with access to business-critical data, when you need it
  • Utilize customizable dashboards to transform your data into strategic decision-making intelligence
  • Gain competitive advantage with extensive multi-currency and multi-company capabilities
  • Boost your accuracy by eliminating redundant data entry and automating your workflow

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Sage UniSales Analysis is a full-featured, sales analysis program that provides fast and easy reporting on sales data. You can define flexible inquiries, maintain budgets, view data on-screen or export directly to Microsoft Excel, create charts, and print your sales data in a way that makes sense for your organization.

Sage KnowledgeSync monitors the changing conditions within your business and automatically executes the appropriate response. It responds to any critical business function, and sends alerts (email, fax, pager, cell phone, dashboard, screen pop-up). It generates and delivers forms, documents, and reports such as invoices, purchase orders, and credit reports.

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Alerts enhance communications from your company’s back office, front-office, and e-commerce systems by monitoring data fields for a specified activity. The program automatically communicates specified activities to appropriate customers, employees, or business partners.

For you, that means automated processes that reduce delivery cycle time and accelerate revenue. For your customers, that means doing business with a company they can count on for efficient, reliable, and attentive service.

  • Reduce delivery cycle time with automated business processes
  • Keep employees and business partners informed for better decision-making
  • Access real-time data to quickly respond to changing business conditions

Create and customize meaningful, presentation-quality reports from your Sage 300 ERP data. SAP® Crystal Reports for Sage 300 ERP is a powerful report writer that allows you to create meaningful business financial reporting and other reports quickly and easily. Use sample reports straight out of the box or customize them to suit your needs.

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