Sage 500 – Customer Relationship Management

Build customer satisfaction and loyalty and a better ROI with Sage 500 ERP. Set new standards for customer service, improve loyalty and retention, and boost sales. Sage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution integrates with your Sage 500 ERP system to profile, track and target customers for a better bottom line. Get immediate access to critical customer data and increase productivity throughout your business with real-time data sharing.

Customer Relationship Management Modules:

Execute effective, timely marketing initiatives across all of your sales channels and build lasting, profitable customer relationships. Sage SalesLogix Marketing provides full-scale marketing campaign management and sophisticated analytical tools designed to identify your most profitable customers and shorten your sales cycle. Capture rich, timely data from customer interactions across your business to develop and execute meaningful marketing programs that drive results.

Access critical marketing intelligence, such as return on investment (ROI) for your marketing campaigns, and determine how to best focus your business strategy and resources for the greatest payoff.

Integrate Sage SalesLogix Sales with Sage 500 ERP and streamline the workflow between your front office and back office and give your employees greater customer insight. Sage SalesLogix helps drive opportunities throughout the sales cycle by automating activities such as follow-up calls, letters, and fulfillment based on sales and marketing processes that you define.

Send personalized communications to individual customers or groups of prospects using customized HTML email templates. Track competitors and access the Sales Library for product specifications, FAQs, or marketing materials. Integrate with Microsoft Outlook to share contacts, send emails, and manage calendars using Advanced Outlook Integration, and record the activity to the Sage SalesLogix account history.

Retain valuable customers, build loyalty and maximize the effectiveness of every customer interaction with advanced issue-tracking and resolution tools. Sage SalesLogix Support provides immediate access to relevant sales support data such as products purchased, ticket and defect history, and maintenance contract status to resolve issues quickly and meet (or exceed) customer expectations.

Sage SalesLogix Support also provides powerful self-service support solutions online, reducing transaction costs and allowing your customers around the world to get the support they need, how and when they need it.

  • Manage tickets, defects and contracts
  • Issue return material authorizations (RMAs)
  • Quickly resolve standard problems
  • Effectively access Knowledge Base and utilize SpeedSearch
  • Generate meaningful metrics and reports

Sage 500 ERP provides up-to-date item statistics, including on-hand quantities, current purchase orders, work orders, transfer orders, and other elements that affect planning decisions in a single planning screen.

Calculations use advanced replenishment formulas and demand forecasting principles to produce extremely accurate material and distribution plans. Maintain multiple MRP versions to run what-if simulations. Plan purchases, production, and inventory transfers, enabling Capable to Promise (CTP) inquiries during Sales Order Entry. Integration with Project Accounting provides a critical management system for companies with material-intensive projects.

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