Inventory and Warehouse Management

Whether your business has one warehouse or many, specializes in distribution or manufacturing, uses physical or virtual locations, requires lot and serial tracking and distribution, covers acres or consists of a backroom, Sage 500 ERP has the flexibility to maximize your efficiencies, increase inventory turns, and minimize both shortages and overstocks.

Inventory and Warehouse Management Modules:

Meet demand and reduce inventory and carrying costs with Inventory Replenishment, the strongest supply chain-centric forecasting and automated procurement software available today. Advanced forecasting capabilities provide tools to more precisely predict what customers will buy and ensure you have sufficient stock while reducing the carrying costs of unwanted goods.

Use one of four popular methods to automatically calculate how much to purchase of each product, based on user-defined input that best suits your business practices. Incorporate key factors such as seasonal cycles, sales history and lead times to determine the appropriate order point for inventory. Automatically move stock between warehouse locations — a valuable feature for centralized hub-and-spoke distributors.

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With a warehouse-centric design, Inventory Management enables you to track costs and sales histories by warehouse, quickly locate items your customer’s request, and usemulti- bin to strategically stock items throughout the warehouse to enable flexible picking methods. Process and ship orders even during inventory cycle counts to ensure that your business continually operates at peak efficiency.

Inventory Management supports both assemble-to-order and build-to-order kits and includes full lot and serial number tracking. In addition, it supports FIFO, LIFO, Average, Actual, Standard, and Warehouse-Specific Costing. More advanced features include support for fixed asset inventories, substitute item definition, landed cost calculations, inventory catalog management, and powerful unit of measure conversion tables.

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Align your warehouse processes, increase productivity, and cut time and costs with industry-leading inventory and warehouse management software. A powerful extension of Inventory Management and Inventory Replenishment, Warehouse Management provides advanced features ideal for wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and other companies that buy, stock, sell, or manufacture products.

Dramatically increase the number of orders that can be picked during each shift with either zone or wave picking methods, which allow pickers to concentrate on items within a particular area of the warehouse.

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Sage 500 ERP provides up-to-date item statistics, including on-hand quantities, current purchase orders, work orders, transfer orders, and other elements that affect planning decisions in a single planning screen.

Calculations use advanced replenishment formulas and demand forecasting principles to produce extremely accurate material and distribution plans. Maintain multiple MRP versions to run what-if simulations. Plan purchases, production, and inventory transfers, enabling Capable to Promise (CTP) inquiries during Sales Order Entry. Integration with Project Accounting provides a critical management system for companies with material-intensive projects.

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