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The Winning Recipe for Pet Food Manufacturers


As a pet food manufacturer or distributor, your company must effectively address industry-specific and legal challenges. In an increasingly competitive environment, you not only need to efficiently complete customer orders, manage recipes, control inventory, and plan production, but you also need to deal with the many complexities brought about by increasing government regulations.

In addition, economic conditions have led to rising costs, which are difficult to pass on to consumers. To achieve success, you must pay special attention to operational excellence. You cannot afford manufacturing errors, waste, damage, recalls, safety issues, or any other events that adversely affect your business.

ERP for the Pet Food Industry


Benefits of Sage X3 for the Pet Food Industry

  • Streamline compliance to grow faster
  • Ensure quality management at all stages
  • More accurately forecast supply and demand
  • Achieve greater product and process consistency
  • Maximize inventory usage and reduce spoilage
  • Monitor your supply chain with lot tracking & traceability
  • Maintain continuous control of your production process
  • Inform decision-making with powerful analytic tools
  • Reduce the total cost of owning your ERP system
  • Improve customer service for greater customer satisfaction


ERP for the Pet Food Industry Advanced Functionality

Fine-tuned to meet your specific industry requirements, Sage X3 provides the functionality you need to remain competitive in the face of difficult challenges.

ERP for the Pet Food Industry Business Intelligence

Sage X3 provides key business intelligence and management functions for the pet food industry, that promote greater transparency and food safety.

ERP for the Pet Food Industry Scalable & Adaptable

Sage X3 utilizes the latest technology and is ready to adapt to changing regulations and business pressures. Meet future regulatory and operational challenges with ease.


Key Features of Sage X3 for Pet Food Manufacturers

Link to your warehouse to keep track of your product lots, dates, quantities and movements in your supply chain in real-time.

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Maintain raw material potency by efficiently managing variability for continuous flow or batch process manufacturing.

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The ability to record quality specifications for different recipes enables you to monitor the quality of ingredients input and ensure that the finished products meet necessary safety standards and regulations.

Decrease training time and increase productivity with a well-managed recipe and formula system. Track and test formulation versions until you are ready to promote the formula to a production recipe.

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Comply with regulations by gathering and monitoring relevant process information and eliminating manual procedures throughout the manufacturing process.

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Ensure quality across your supply chain and keep raw materials fresh by managing expiration date control including use-by date management.

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Easily create material plans and production schedules to meet customer demand and maximize operational efficiency.

Run a sophisticated multi-site, multi-country business as easily as a single domestic implementation.

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