Sage HRMS Year End Reports Bundle

Do not stress over year-end! Let our Net at Work Senior Business Analysts support you while you navigate through year-end reporting procedures.

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Net at Work’s Sage HRMS Year End Reports Bundle will include:

  • Employees Who Have 2019 And Earlier W4 Information Report
  • Employees Eligible for Catch Up Report
  • Employees Missing A Tax Report
  • W2 Box Codes for Deduction and Benefit Category
  • W2 Box 13 Checkboxes
  • Box 12 DD Medical Amounts
  • Retirement Amounts for Date Range
  • Workers Comp Audit Report

Make sure your year-end processing is a complete success. Sign up today for this limited time offer.

Cost is $899 for reports and installation on HRMS Custom Report menu through 01/30/2023

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