Sage Unveils Salesforce CRM Connector for Sage X3

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Salesforce CRM Connector for Sage X3

This week at Dreamforce 2016 the Salesforce annual user conference, Sage announced the Salesforce CRM connector for Sage X3 (Sage Enterprise Management), a robust and sleek integration between the Sage’s cloud business management solution and Salesforce’s Cloud CRM system that will empower businesses to connect with their customers in entirely new ways by providing real-time, fully cloud based accounting solutions.

Why is Sage X3 Awesome To Begin With?

Sage X3 is the cloud based global business management solution designed to provide businesses with more control and flexibility. It supports all business processes across finance, distribution and manufacturing within one singular effective and simple software design. Sage X3 is fast to deploy, robust, and easy to use.

Why is  Sage X3 Even More Awesome Now?

With the combined ability of Salesforce the world’s leading CRM application, customer data in Sage X3 can now be leveraged in the Salesforce Sales Cloud. What this CRM & ERP integration means for Sage X3 Users:

  • Users can now connect every aspect of their business processes in real time.
  • Users will gain unparalleled end-to-end visibility across the entire sales process.
  • CRM integrated with financial transactions effectively connect the front and back end of businesses.
  • It ensures the integrity of valuable data such as accounting, customer and order information across the organization.
  • The combined solution saves valuable time, improve efficiency, and boost end-to-end productivity.

Libby Koehn, Sage Global VP Product Management said, “Businesses are always running at the speed of light and processes can slip by the wayside,” therefore, Sage X3 CRM connector will help organizations “achieve a higher standard of financial performance and reporting, giving them the tools they need to properly manage their funds and track expenditure in the moment.”

That’s Not All

Sage X3 CRM connector is not the only milestone in Sage’s partnership with Salesforce. Sage also launched the Sage Live Not-for-Profit solution built on the Salesforce App Cloud. Sage Live Not-for-Profit is designed specifically for NPOs to help them improve their organizational efficiency and boost productivity.

Sage Live also won the Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the App Cloud category.

Want to Learn more?  Watch the on-demand video: Salesforce & Sage ERP Integration: A Powerful Combination