Healthy Supply Chain Management
Positions UniWell for Growth

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UniWell Laboratories, a contract manufacturing and packaging facility in Texas, is a leader in the development of nutraceuticals, OTC pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. The company was eager to capitalize on growth in these markets, which is projected to reach more than $441.7 billion by 2026, and needed to optimize their manufacturing, supply chain management (SCM) and financial reporting operations.

To help them meet their goals and move towards adopting Next Generation ERP capabilities, UniWell worked with another reseller as a partner to implement Sage X3, a complete business management system that can provide specialized functionality for process manufacturers. But the implementation did not take advantage of Sage X3’s considerable capabilities—and it did not address UniWell’s growth, nor the many challenges of operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. So the project stalled until two years ago, when Bryan Polozola, UniWell’s former CFO, returned to the company and brought in the Fractional CIO & Advisory Services team from Net at Work.

From Stalled Software Implementation to 14% Growth

SMB technology advisor Net at Work provides extensive services to support the ongoing initiatives of organizations throughout North America. As part of its Advisory Services, the support from a Net at Work Fractional CIO dedicates a senior leader to define a technology strategy in tandem with overall strategic plans, develop tactical execution plans and carry out a comprehensive roadmap.

“We brought in Net at Work to re-implement the software,” says Polozola. “And we hired them as our Fractional CIO. We wanted to do things right, which meant bringing in the pros who could manage the project from every angle.”

As the first part of its engagement with Net at Work, UniWell worked with the technology consultant’s Sage X3 practice and Fractional CIO & Advisory Services to develop a detailed assessment of the nutraceutical manufacturer’s current operations, followed by specific recommendations for optimization.

“The software is capable of so much, but those capabilities are hidden without experts highlighting it and putting it to work. That’s what Net at Work does.”

The Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) function of UniWell’s Next Generation ERP, for one, had been taking eight hours to run, restricting the company’s ability to make informed purchasing decisions. Polozola recounts, “We used to overbuy raw materials because we couldn’t determine supply and demand accurately. Overstocking is expensive, and it’s also potentially wasteful since our products have a shelf life.” The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated these issues.

After its re-implementation and MRP improvements, Polozola reports, “We know what we need and when we’ll need it. As a result, we were able to lock in pricing with a vendor through a master purchase order, taking delivery when we need it and saving a significant amount of money.” The contract manufacturer has refined its resupply intervals and optimized its inventory holdings. And the length of time needed to run MRP? “It’s nearly instant,” says Polozola.

Armed with industry best-practices, configurable workflows and deep operational insights, UniWell now projects 14% year-over-year growth.

“The software is capable of so much, but those capabilities are hidden without experts highlighting it and putting it to work. That’s what Net at Work does,” says Polozola. “Through their understanding of our business, Sage X3, manufacturing in general, and technology as a whole — our Fractional CIO is definitely delivering a return on our investment.”

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