Sage X3 Upgrade: Sage X3 Update 9 Release

By: | Category: ERP

Sage X3 Update 9 release is out and includes new features supporting requirements in distribution and certified manufacturing industries. In this post we cover some of the key new features of the new version of Sage X3. For an in-depth look at all of the new features, download the Sage X3 Release Guide for Product Update 9 and be sure to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

New functionality

  • Enables controlling changes and versions of manufactured products or articles.
  • Optimizes logistics and the management of suppliers, containers and shipments.
  • Supports secured EDI data exchanges for sales and purchases.


Improved integration and usability

  • Accelerates and simplifies software updates onwards.
  • Simplifies customizations, increases control over modifications and security.
  • Improves performance (load balancing) and cloud deployment process.
  • Simplifies navigation with always-on breadcrumb trail and keyboard shortcuts.



  • Delivers a new, redesigned mobile UI to simplify access to information and increase personalization by users.
  • Offers a new mobile app optimized for accessing, tracking and managing physical assets.


Versatile deployment

  • Eliminates provider lock-in, enabling customers to switch infrastructure (cloud, private cloud, on-premise) without disruption in functionality, user experience and access to data.
  • This release requires an upgrade of customers’ previous installation (new version).

For more detailed information on the new release we have included the Sage X3 Release Guide for Product Update 9 or contact our Sage X3 team for guidance.